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Poonam Pandey is the brand ambassador of Paris Hilton?



Paris Hilton
New York: Through the media reports it is clear that the famous super model Poonam Pandey has managed to build a huge number of fans for herself all over the world within ashort period of time. She has created her own path in the film industry

Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma in love?



Shahid Anushka
Mumbai: According to sources Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma had a great affair during the film Badmaash Company, and now the gossips are going on that the director Maneesh Sharma who directed the movie Band Baaja Baraat is now very eager to cast the pair for his third movie.

Where did Salman Khan disappear from Bigg Boss 5?



Salman Khan in Bigg Boss
New Delhi: It is said that the two-show episode The Aapka Farmaan, which was played this past weekend, had very sad news for all the viewers of it that Salman Khan did not appear in the show.

Pooja Misrra: The Fighter Cock!



Pooja Misrra
Lonavala: According to Bollywood sources gathered Shakti Kapoor may be a criminal in films, but when it comes to the house of Big Boss, dealing with Pooja Misrra it is visible to the audience as if she is being looked as the villain in the House of Scandal.

Priyanka, Shahid break up caused by Badshah of Bollywood?



Shahid Priyanka
Mumbai: Bollywood sources claim that Bollywood Star Shah Rukh Khan was the main cause who broke the relationship between Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

Randeep Hooda, Neetu Chandra split?



Neetu Chandra
Mumbai: It is said that Mahie Gill and Randeep Hooda appeared to be very hot and warm when acting for the movie “Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster”. They were behaving as if they are in love with each other.

Is Shahid still not over with Kareena?



Shahid Kareena
Mumbai: Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor is making an attempt to invite all the members of the Bollywood industry for the premiere show of the new upcoming movie “Mausam”. Sources say Shahid Kapoor has made it a point to personally visit all the stars, actors, celebrities and many more people to invite them for the premier show of “Mausam”.

Sonakshi Sinha, Ranveer Singh split?



Sonakshi Sinha
New Delhi: Just as the hot relationship of dazzling Sonakshi Sinha and handsome Ranveer was budding, we already hear of their break-up. Strange, aint it? The couple is at loggerheads with each other now, and are not even talking with one another.

Zarine Khan against wearing Bikini in HouseFull Sequel



London: The look alike of Katrina Kaif, Zarine Khan is on news once again, for her statement regarding her role in the upcoming flick ‘Housefull 2’.

Why is Minissha Lamba upset with Sagar Bellary?



Minissha Lamba
Mumbai: Good friends, Sagar Bellary and Minissha Lamba have turned foes these days. The actress has worked with the director, Sagar Bellary in ‘Bheja Fry 2’.