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Real women must have curves – Bipasha



Bipasha Basu Curves
I have never thought about the thing that plagues every girl in her teens: the questions of ‘weight’ and how not to have it. I have been lucky in my life to be accepted for my personality and not just the way my body looked. I have never been skinny. In fact, I used to [...]

Hrithik stands by the Dhoom Kiss



Aish and Hrithik
  Hrithik is fully enjoying his new sexy image after Dhoom 2. “I continue to get messages galore… I enjoy all of them, the sweet, the polite, and the graphic. I love them all. As it’s going, Dhoom 2 will become the biggest hit ever! The collections are insane. Overseas, Mumbai and some other places [...]

Urmila Matondkar talks about her perfect date



Your first crush… The cricket captain of my school whose name I can’t remember now who the whole group had a crush on! We were not rivals and there was no exclusivity. We were all very understanding of each other’s feelings. We were all about 14 years old then. Your first date… Was too long [...]

Aishwarya talks about her hollywood plans



  Aishwarya Rai is back in India after a brief stint in Hollywood and she has some big banner Bollywood movies lined up. Except for ‘Last Legion’ and ‘Provoked,’ there is nothing lined up for release this year from Hollywood and the only English script that she is ready to go public is about a [...]

Where is Fardeen Khan?



Fardeen Khan
  Try as he might, Fardeen Khan just cannot recollect the name of his last-released film (which, incidentally, was Pyare Mohan, which released some six months ago). Is his memory that short? Fardeen grins unabashedly. I`ve been kinda busy. Reading scripts and working on my soonto-be-released films. “That`s why, he says”. Busy as a bee, [...]

Tanuja Chandra talks about ‘Zindagi Rocks’



Tanuja Chandra
  Tanuja Chandra says her film “Zindaggi Rocks”, starring Sushmita Sen and Shiney Ahuja, is neither dull nor violent as critics have projected it but has some sweetness in it. “I’m really surprised. There’s nothing in ‘Zindaggi Rocks’ that’s offensive. The backlash was hurtful. There’re so many newspapers these days and they influence people into [...]

RGV talks about Amitabh’s Gabbar



Amitabh's Gabbar Look
  The shooting for Ram Gopal Varma’s “Sholay” is in full swing and Ram Gopal Varma, who started the film with Gabbar Singh’s scene, says that Amitabh Bachchan wiped off the image of Amjad Khan’s Gabbar “in one shot”. The indefatigable Varma is shooting with his new-age Gabbar in a house near Yari Road in [...]

A.R. Rahman has no grudges on Shah Rukh



A.R Rahman
  Composer A.R. Rahman has opted out of Shah Rukh Khan’s production “Om Shanti Om”, but he insists the parting is amicable and certainly not final. “I’m not doing Farah Khan’s ‘Om Shanti Om’. But that doesn’t mean there’s any quarrel with her or with Shah Rukh who produces her film,” Rahman told IANS in [...]

Hema Malini talks about her daugther Esha



Hema Malini
  “Esha is a very protective daughter. When she came into movies, she was very unsure about how to go about her career. Even I wasn’t sure about whom to approach. That phase brought us closer together, I had done nothing to jump-start my own career, so how would I know how to go about [...]

‘Minissha Lamba’ faced the casting couch in Bollywood?



Minissha Lamba
Your role in Corporate was quite minimal compared to your debut role. Why did you go in for that?“Madhur Bhandarkar spotted me in Yahaan and asked me to go for that role in Corporate. It was undoubtedly very minimal, but I didn’t want to miss out on the chance of working with a director of [...]