Veena MalikLahore: The queen of controversies, Veena Malik says she wants to be the main face of posters and hoardings where she is present. Not only in posters, in fact for films too, Veena wants to be always in the forefront. Recently, the sexy bombshell was in the city of joy, and there she said she would be part of only those films where she gets the utmost priority and coverage, she would like to be the hero and heroine of the film.

She added she is a greedy star and so she does not like any one to get more importance in anything wherever she is present – be it films or posters. So, she would definitely not be happy if superstars like SRK or Salman Khan get a better display than the lady herself in posters.

She then added that she should be at the forefront, and after her rest can be there. She said all the four films where she acted in Bollywood, were called as ‘Veena Malik’s films’ and that she is very proud of and also thankful to God for that. She gives maximum effort in order to promote her films, and after that everything depends on God and of course the audience.

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