Sherlyn ChopraPune: Sherlyn Chopra had almost no good films to boast of, but it was her confidence and bindaas attitude which helped her to be a part of the Playboy magazine’s team and work for the magazine as the cover girl for a particular edition. After that, she has even bagged an international film offer “Kamasutra 3D”.

The film is almost ready to be released soon. In the film, she has posed nude for many scenes. And when she was asked how to differentiate between sensuality and vulgarity, the bold lady says for her there is no place in her mind for anything which is not refined or does not have a taste. The body will follow the mind and wherever the mind goes, body will automatically follow! Sherlyn commented that perception of people depends on the reality they know.

And people who consider the actress to be sensual are sure that nudity is basically for Goddesses. And people who find her vulgar are of the opinion that the display of nudity is distasteful. She is also being called as ‘Twitter queen’ and she says she deserves the title. Chopra started off in 2002 as an actress by debuting in the Telegu film industry with the movie “Vendi Mabbulu”. And in 2005 she debuted in Hindi films with “Time Pass” movie.

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Sherlyn Chopra: I'm too good to be true and no one can change this fact but me, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings Advertisement