Meiyang ChangSikkim: Dentist turned singer and actor, Meiyang Chang is not only known for his impressive personality and great voice but also for his sweet charming smile. The actor got candid and expressed his notions on love. He says love cant be described.

One needs to experience it to know about it, as love cant be put in words or described. Though people speak volumes on love but then Chang prefers to experience it rather than talking or speaking of it. When he was asked about his relationship status, he quickly replied that he is looking for love! Chang is also an actor, and not just singer and actor.

And he believes that for a relationship to last, one needs to be understanding as well as patient. And along with these two virtues, other virtues like honesty, compatibility, space also matter. He added every one of us are unique and so it is not wise to compare oneself with another while in a relationship.

Love can blossom in between two contrasting individuals and uniqueness, says the actor. For him, true honesty is to confess when one is doing a mistake, and also to apologize for that. Also there must not be any ego in that.

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