KashmirKashmir: Finally Vishal Bharadwaj got the approval of the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir to shoot for his forthcoming movie “Hyder” based on Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. But then the Chief Minister took the assurance from the director first that in the movie Kashmir would not be misrepresented and then only he extended his invitation to the cast and crew of the movie.

Previously, Ayan Mukherji let down the state by depicting Gulmarg as Manali in his film “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” and since then it has left a bitter taste about Bollywood in the hearts of the Kashmiris. Thus, Omar Abdullah, the Chief Minister now is very particular about shooting taking place in Kashmir and thus asked Vishal beforehand about the content of the film and how the valley is going to be portrayed in the film, before nodding his head and giving a thumbs up.

Vishal says Abdullah is a fan of “Maqbool” and “Omkara” and cant wait to see “Hyder” which completes the Shakespearean trilogy. Vishal assured the minister that the film is about the people residing in the valley, and that made him agree. The story has all Kashmiri characters, and is about the past and present people of Kashmir, commented the director.

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