RanbirMumbai: According to superstar Ranbir Kapoor, no one should discuss about remuneration in public. Very recently the heart-throb of B-Town hit the headlines for charging 20 crore for his film “Besharam”. Junior RK says it is the reporters’ task to ask questions and it is the job of actors and actresses to answer them, this does not bother him at all. But then no one should discuss about money.

People have their own takes on monetary transactions and so it should be kept personal always. He says when he read an article regarding himself that he has charged 20 crore for “Besharam” he felt very embarrassed. He does not want to talk about his finances and he wants to keep it as a personal thing, not to be told to everyone. In the said film, for the first time, Junior RK was seen onscreen with his parents, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor.

But then the film flopped at the box office. However, the actor is not at all demotivated by it and will keep on working in similar way. Junior RK says, whether the film becomes a hit or flop at box office, he will approach films in the same way. He added that his parents were very happy getting opportunity to work together with him in the same film.

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