Priyanka ChopraMumbai: Popular Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who is ruling the hearts of many men all over the world, can boast of a svelte figure. She looks perfect and flawless in each and every public appearances of her. But PC believes that she is not at all healthy, she leads a bad lifestyle and so she considers herself unhealthy. PC admits she is fit right now, however not in good health.

The actress confesses that she is very emotional which leads her to take wrong decisions in life. Also she is very impatient and restless. She never ever follows any fixed proper schedule and hates waking up early in the morning. And what comes more as a surprise to us, is that, she says she hates gymming and working out.

But then the actress is working out a lot these days as she is currently filming for the biopic on Mary Kom and the character demands her to be in proper shape and fit! Well, with a figure to die for, PC makes a lot of women jealous, but this kind of statement from the heroine herself is too baffling, isn’t it? The upcoming film “Mary Kom” which has PC playing the role of the award winning female boxer, is all set to release in 2014.

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