EktaMumbai: Mallika Sherawat has finally chosen Vijay Singh as her preferred groom from the reality show where in she was to choose only one candidate as her future husband. The production house is now gearing up for the next season, and working hard to find the next wanna-be bride to choose her groom from the reality show. And according to sources, the production house is in talks with the Czarina of television who is none other than Ekta Kapoor.

A reliable source from the production house comments that they decided to take Ekta in the first season itself, but at that point in time, she required time to think so the deal could not be completed. She has not yet said NO to them, and that is the reason they are trying hard to take Ekta as a part of the show.

She has just asked them to give her some time to think over it. But if by any chance Ekta refuses, then there is Veena Malik on the list who might also be roped in for the next season. She was ready for Swayamvar but then the channel closed so she could not do it, so Veena might be approached, but only if Ekta refuses.

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