Amy JacksonPondicherry: Amy Jackson heads off to Pondicherry for a few days after she got to know that she has got some days off before shooting resumes. Right now Amy is working on the film “I” by Shankar. Amy says for the last few days she has been travelling a lot. She firstly flew to Jodhpur along with the cast and crew of “I” and from there headed to Australia and came back to Chennai only a few days back.

Then Amy came to know that she has got some days free before she resumes her work. So she went out for an outing to Pondicherry along with her buddies for just a trip. Amy says Pondicherry is mostly known for the beaches, and that is why she always wanted to visit the place to check out the beaches. So she with her friends strolled along the beaches in Pondicherry and gorged on the delicious French dishes. She also visited some of the important places there.

When asked about her Australia trip with the “I” team, Amy says she is not supposed to talk anything about the film without the director’s consent but then they did not go to Australia to shoot. However the schedule was an important part of the film and was interesting, said Amy.

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