AsinMumbai: It has been learnt that actress Asin Thottumkal was initially instructed to be a mere spectator in the song ‘Balma’ from “Khiladi 786”. But later, she too danced along with Akshay Kumar and Claudia Ciesla who is the item girl in the song. In the sequence, it has been shown that Asin gets jealous seeing Akki dance with Claudia so she conveys her anger through the expressions.

An insider reveals that when Asin first heard the song at the Worli nightspot, she was eager to be a part of the song. Before that, she never heard of the song, so after hearing the song, Asin felt she too must be in the song. Asin’s staffs too had conviction that the track is going to be a chartbuster. Also it was the first song from the movie to go on air, so Asin convinced the film makers about the importance of her presence and her performance in the song.

Later, the makers agreed to the demands of the heroine. Therefore, her dancing portion too was incorporated in the item number as Akki dreams of dancing with the heroine while matching his steps with Claudia. However, when Rakesh Upadhyay, the creative producer of this film was asked to verify the news, he did not comment anything.

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Asin’s wish to dance in the song Balma from Khiladi 786 has been fulfilled by the makers, 3.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings Advertisement