MohanlalKochi: A hindi film is to be made on the case of ISRO spy. The case of the spy hit the headlines during the mid of 1990s. The Bollywood film will have veteran actor Mohanlal. He will be playing the role of a scientist in it. He will be harassed by the police and media on a false case in the movie. Journalist cum writer C.P Surendran first came up with this idea of the movie.

Director Ananth Mahadevan met the actual scientist of ISRO S. Nambi Narayan, who was falsely charged and arrested in ’94. He was the head of the Cryogenics division that time. Surendran has confirmed the news of meeting with the scientist along with director Ananth. Narayan’s journalist friend Rajasekharan Nair, who stood by the scientist that time, also helped them to talk with the scientist. 5 persons were arrested in that time, including Narayan.

Others included Maldivian residents Fousia Hassan and Mariam Rasheeda, and also another senior scientist and one businessman. However in December of 1997, the 5 persons were freed of their charges by the apex court. Ananth and his team is presently in talks with the big production houses of Mumbai for the film.

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