Nathalia KaurMumbai: An interesting revelation about Pooja Bhatt’s film “Jism 2″. The sexy women we see on the posters of “Jism 2″ is not the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone but its Nathalia Kaur. The poster has created ripples in the nation and soared the temperatures even before the film has released. And now we get the breaking news that the sexy woman in the poster is none other than Nathalia Kaur who did an item number in Ram Gopal Varma’s flick ” Department”.

To whet people’s appetite, Pooja took the help of this smart trick of making Nathalia pose for the film’s poster. When we see at the silhouette of Sunny Leon in the film we can very well make out the difference in the poster. Pooja has verified the news saying she called her photographer friend Joy Dutta and chose Nathalia to pose for the posters of the film.

The poster was shot last monsoon even before Leone signed in to do the movie. It was shot in the farmhouse of Pooja. After seeing Nathalia’s poster for “Jism 2″ Sunny Leone decided to sign in for the film. RGV wanted Sunny to do the item number in “Department” but when Pooja did not give him the permission, he casted Nathalia and claimed Nathalia to be his discovery.

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