Big BMumbai: Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan is the only hero who is available 24/7 to his fans. He delights fans with his tweets and is extremely forthcoming in sharing all latest information about his personal and professional life. He is active not only through is blog and twitter but also through is voice blog. Now to make even his facebook fans happy he opened a facebook account. The 69-year-old launched his facebook page, which will provide information about the actor’s upcoming movies, show videos, as well as exclusive pictures from his private collection.

Within just an hour of the activation, Abitabh’s account received 784,417 likes. Big B tweeted, “Yipee! I am on FaceBook! My ID:” “And!! Its close to 8 lakhs in half an hour!! Keep it coming, Baby,” Amitabh tweeted. Launching his facebook account he said, “I have been encouraged by the overwhelming reception to my tumblr blog, and this is another avenue to reach out to my fans, not only in India, but globally.”

Bachchan in his video message said, “I am now on Facebook…. Year after year, month after month, day after day, we just keep coming closer to each other. Lovely to have you here and we shall be seeing each other and you will be getting to know more about me and my daily activities through this wonderful medium.”

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