Big BMumbai: Big B Amitabh Bachchan in media interactions confessed he don’t like ‘Bollywood’. Fans shouldn’t read in between the lines as what he meant was that he was not amused with people using the word ‘Bollywood’ to describe hindi or Indian film industry. He says, “I don’t like this word ( Bollywood) which describes the Indian film industry.

Cinema was almost looked upon as infra dig, parents used to go and vet a film before we were allowed to get inside a theatre. Cinema in general was held as an institution where children from good families were not looked as being associated with. But look at the change that has happened now.”

Big B elaborated further on West’s impression on Bollywood saying, “The West was very cynical about our quality of cinema. We made very escapist fare. But one of the points the West did not recognise was that cinema as a medium of entertainment for the common man. I do see Indian cinema progressing very well; gradually, our talent is being recognised, whether in Great Britain or Hollywood, in festivals in Cannes, London, Venice. So, I think we are on the right path.” Big B is currently busy following Olympics and the performance of India at the sporting event.

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