Tarun TahilianiNew Delhi: Country’s best Couturiers, Tarun Tahilani is making his small screen debut to take viewers to a tour of India’s first designer television, replete with his signature crystal-studded designs. Made by Vu Technologies, the pricey. The cost of the set is exorbitant with the idiot box out to erase your bank account to the tune of Rs. 5,00,000 approximately. But company CEO Devita Saraf assures buyers that high voltage bling is not all you’re paying for — the 3D LED TV also comes equipped with a built-in PC running on an Intel processor.

Saraf says “We thought of creating a designer TV set because people spend crores on decorating their houses, but are stuck with a boring black box in the middle of it all.” He goes on to add, “Buying gadgets for the home was usually a man’s domain, but now women are increasingly getting involved. They’ve always had heirloom pieces in their wardrobes, and this way, they can now have high fashion objects in their living room to show off to guests.” Tahiliani was handpicked to spearhead the first collaboration because of his background in couture. “He has also had experience in other areas of design, like watches and interiors,” says Saraf, mentioning that the TV, which will be unveiled tomorrow in Delhi, will be black, white and grey in colour.

She reveals that plans for the project were set in motion as late as May this year, though she admits, “In technology, everything is very fast-paced. By that standard, this project went really slow. When it comes to fashion, designers have a lot of time and patience to keep going over things to perfect them.” Insisting that the shiny gadget was designed to appeal to both sexes, Saraf admits her company has plans to retail the TV overseas. “Foreigners love Indian craftsmanship, so we will gauge the response in India, before launching it abroad,” she replies.

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