Sonu SoodMumbai: Sonu Sood, standing high at 6 feet with an envious manly physique, despite being in the industry for 12 years and working with the B-Town bigwigs, was waiting for a role in a film which would be intense and all powerful! With “Maximum” his wish is fulfilled! He plays the role of an encounter specialist who craves for power, and his character is inspired by cop Pradeep Sharma. He is playing the character named as Pratap Pandit. Sonu even returned his fees to Kabeer Kaushik, as he felt he should not accept the money as the role of Pratap is what he has been looking for a long while.

Even the family of Pradeep Sharma attended the film screening, where Sharma’s parents, wife, daughters complimented him for his performance. The script was researched well, so the characters were life-like!

Though Sonu never met the real cop but the script enabled him to perform so well. Sonu feels, “Maximum” is his Zanjeer. He is hoping to get recognised as an actor. He started off by playing character roles, and then became the villain in “Dabangg” and now in “Maximum” we get to see him as a hero – Sonu says the transition is just smooth!

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