Rohit ShettyNew Delhi: Rohit Shetty is one of the rarest kind of Bollywood pashas who least bothers of what critics comment on his films and works. He has got clear vision and goes by it. He is just after entertaining his audiences, his films are packed with lot of emotions, laughable moments, actions. Audience definitely loves Rohit’s works, proof is he has 5 hits, while “Golmaal 3″ and “Singham” are super-hits.

When asked about his upcoming release “Bol Bachchan” which will release on 6th July, he says he is not at all tensed about the release as he is very sure of anything he works on. He keeps in mind family audience while making a film, and so he does not need to worry. Talking of the secret formular for his enviable success ratio, Rohit reveals he believes in honesty, he does not make classic, not anything to deliver messages to society, he works according to his capacity.

Since his 2 super-hit films are already in the 100 crore group, he says he needs to live upto that benchmark every-time he makes a movie. He wishes that Bollywood makes more hits every year, so that it can grow into a bigger industry than Hollywood.

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