Dhananjay PimpleMumbai: Dhananjay Pimple, the driver of celebrities Salman Khan and Sohail Khan had surrendered in the police station at Bandra, soon after his car knocked down an aged lady of 70 years on BJ Road, near by St Andrews Church, in Bandra West. It was Sunday night around 10:30 when the accident happened. This is a hit-and-run case of the driver of the superstar. He was booked under IPC sections of negligent rash driving and punishment for culpable homicide, sections 279 and 304 respectively. Also under section 134 of the act of Motor vehicles. He appeared at Bandra court on Monday afternoon and got bail of Rs 10,000.

However actors Salman Khan and his brother Sohail Khan is showing full support to the driver, and is defending him. They said that the accident was due to the rains, which did not allowed him to have a clear vision, and so he hit the lady by mistake as he could not see properly.

But the localities have rubbished the statements of the actors, saying there was no rain when the mishap took place, so its impossible that the driver Dhananjay Pimple, could not realise that he hit a lady and knocked her down.

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