Deana UppalLondon: Millions of Indians can never forget or forgive how its star actress Shilpa Shetty was insulted 5yrs back in UK based reality show Big Brother. The show organisers once again chose to re enact the drama once again insulting Miss India UK on its show. Miss India UK Deana Uppal has faced similar ‘insults’ from a fellow contestant. UK government-approved regulatory and competition authority Ofcom will be investigating Big Brother after it received 1,225 complaints about three instances of racist abuse in the house, majority of which were in support of an Indian contestant in the show..

Fellow contestant McIntyre had been warned about his behaviour by Big Brother, in which he had used a string of expletives and called her “a piece of s***.”

One incident – in which housemate Conor McIntyre launched a tirade of insults against Miss India UK title holder Deana Uppal – had prompted 1,108 complaints. Many viewers thought that it amounted to bullying. On June 5, fellow contestant Conor McIntyre was reportedly seen screaming at Uppal and was later warned for the aggression towards her. On June 25, he was seen shouting at a weeping Uppal, brandishing her epilator, and abusing her.

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