Bipasha Basu FigureBangalore: During a recent photo shoot in London, Bipasha was elated to receive a lot of compliments on her looks as she has got curvier and sexier by gaining some weight. Actresses are following the trend of size zero, thanks to Bebo! But Bips chose to follow the other route. She feels curvier is being sexier. She was in London for for the shooting of publicity campaigns of her new film “Singularity” which is a Hollywood project. And during her stay in London she started binging on sweets. She gained weight for good, and received tons of compliments on her new figure, she was even enquired of her weight.

Bipasha says that those who thinks that Bips has put on weight, its true, she wanted to gain weight. She got bored with her too thin and too fit and lean looks always. We can very well recall her looks in “Jism” where she was a bit plump but she looked sensuous every bit.

Certainly, Bips wants to go back to her plumpy days, bidding adieu to the ultra-thin Bips for the time being. We last saw Bips in “Jodi Breakers” as Sonali Agnihotri. Besides “Singularity” Bipasha’s other upcoming releases are “Raaz 3D” and “Race 2″.

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