Azim RizviMumbai: Though Azim Rizvi might have debuted in Bollywood with a romantic flick, he is going to make his impact felt by doing an action film. The actor who debuted with the film “Qasam Se Qasam Se” is going to show his martial arts skill in the next movie. Since childhood Azim has been a great fan of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.

As he child he used to do shadow practise at home, and when he grew older he began to take action more seriously after he decided he would become an actor. He attended various classes and began his research through google. He just wants to stand apart from the crowd and he loves the form of art immensely. He says though people in Bollywood concentrate on looking good these days, but he wants to get full satisfaction out of his work. He never used martial arts for defending or offending purposes.

Azim wants to stand out from the league of action heros present in India, and thus his passion for martial arts developed. He wants to take action to new heights. According to Azim, it’s the form of art which choses the man, and not vice versa. And martial art requires fearlessness, agility, stamina!

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