Ness Wadia Nargis FakhriMumbai: Nargis Fakhri debuted in Bollywood with “Rockstar”, an Imitiaz Ali film opposite Ranbir Kapoor. But it seems she has aimed at wooing men with her beauty rather than making a good career in films. Well the assumption wont be tagged as baseless if you just have a look at her link-ups with famous men. First she dated Ranbir Kapoor, then came Shahid Kapoor in her life and the latest entrant in the list is none other than Bombay Dyeing heir Mr Ness Wadia.

Ness had a romantic affair with Preity Zinta quite some time back, but that’s an old story now, since the duo have parted and tries never to mention each other’s name in public. Nargis met Ness at Karan Johar’s birthday party. Onlookers were quite stunned to see their coochie moochie. Ness was heavily drunk and both of them enjoyed each other’s company.

Also it was seen, that Ness and Nargis were busy talking about something and not paying any attention to anything else happening in the party. After that, Ness went with Nargis towards her car to bid goodbye. The duo also kissed and hugged one another. But when Nargis was contacted, her spokesman said that she does not even know Ness Wadia so everything is just a rumour!

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