New Delhi: Dancing diva and yesteryear dream gal Madhuri Dixit is coming to entertain fans as a judge for a reality show on small screen. Madhuri however says she will be a strict judge and will not be passing judgements to please contestants. Interacting with the media she says “First of all, as a judge I have to be clear about my feelings. The contestants are also celebrities in their own right but thrown in a not so comfortable zone. I have to be their guide. I have to help them shed their inhibitions, put them at ease because they could be nervous. I have to be truthful. I will be polite, never rude. I can never be nasty. But yes, I will certainly be strict this time. They just have to impress me with their hard work and put in lot of efforts. I will try and be a good critic”.

For those who are wondering how to impress her and score marks, Madhuri reveals that she gives importance to expressions, grace, balancing of their body, energy and the character they are playing.She even promises to entertain viewers saying “Yes, of course, I will be showing my dance skills. There will be ‘Madhuri’s step of the week’ which the contestants will have to follow week after week”..Speaking about her family’s response Madhuri reveals ”

My husband enjoys dancing magar problem hai ki woh karta nahin hai (giggles). My sons are already into Indian music, they are learning tabla and they know quite a few Bollywood songs. When my children were watching the last season they would often remark that I praise the contestants but give them less numbers (laughs)”.

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