KajolMumbai: The vibrant lively actress and mother of two, Kajol is back in Bollywood. Post her delivery, she has lost oodles of weight, and trying on different outfits for various public appearances these days. She is ready for her next comeback film too. She has got envious professional and personal lives. She says to loose post-pregnancy weight she worked out hard and was on a diet and it took her a year to be back to her normal size.

Kajol says due to Yug’s birth she was too busy being at home and caring for the child, but now she is looking for the right script for her comeback. She wants a script which will have a tight screenplay. Also the role in the film and the production house matter for her. Her full-time job is to look after her children, said Kajol sportingly. Also she supervises all work of the family production house named Ajay Devgn Films.

Kajol could not tell us anything about the much talked about project of Kjo starring her and SRK. She said Karan refused to divulge any details, and he is pretty busy with his upcoming flick “Student Of The Year”.

Kajol also clarified that SRK and her husband Ajay may not be best friends but that does not necessarily mean they need to be enemies, so there is no problem between the two actors according to Kajol.

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