Priyanka Chopra in SareeMumbai: Star wife, Gauri Khan has been in the news constantly for the past few months. It was heard she has been unhappy with the growing proximity between King Khan and Priyanka Chopra. Obviously she had a bitter relationship with the actress as she felt in-secured over the whole issue. But an unperturbed Shahrukh Khan continued getting closer to Priyanka Chopra. Latest is that, Gauri has resolved her problems with Piggy Chops.

It might be due to the fact, SRK is busy with his upcoming films and stays abroad most of the time for his shoot, and gets rare chance to meet Piggy Chops who is in India. Sources reveal SRK will be back to India sometime in July, and Gauri will be hosting a party soon after, where PC will be definitely invited and Mrs Khan will have pictures taken of herself with Priyanka. But when the source was asked of that why did Gauri did not express her joy when KKR won the IPL – was it because Gauri was not happy?

The source promptly answers back, Gauri is not expressive in-front of the camera. She expresses her emotions only when she is with her near ones, and not publicly. Well that’s an answer to ponder upon!

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