Evelyn SharmaBerlin: Indo-German actress Evelyn Sharma has already made a place in Bollywood by bagging important roles in films. Currently Sharma is learning Hindi and working on diction for her films. Evelyn says she is working hard to get rid of her accent and speak Hindi fluently. She also tells us that ever since she stepped in Mumbai, life changed miraculously. She got many friends and is always amazed with the scenic beauty of the country. She is in India for 2 years, and she considers it her best time period of her life. She has shot in Manali and that was the best experience for her.

Evelyn says that though she started her career as a model, she always dreamt of acting. Acting is what she loves. Modelling is the first step which helps later on to enter the film industry, however acting and modelling are never the same and require different talents to accomplish. She used to do theatre and drama while she was in school. She also acted in an English movie.

And as Evelyn went on to become a supermodel, she started getting offers from Indian film makers. Evelyn also appeared recently in Euphoria’s music album. She loves doing different projects and keeps going to auditions.

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