Bipasha Basu<Mumbai: Actors love to play those parts which they are really comfortable in doing so. But for our Bipasha Basu, its just the other way round. She fears any scary things, however she is very happy to sign the fourth horror film. The film is titled “Aatma” and it deals with her character’s experience with spirits.

Bips says that many of her friends get surprised when they learn that Bips loves doing horror films because the truth is that she is afraid of all spooky things. She also added when she goes out with her friends to watch horror films, for most of the time, she covers her eyes with her hands, and sees the movies through her finger gaps. She debates when asked about supernatural things, she says if its not a natural phenomenon then why do all call it super-natural, as if it’s a superior to all natural things!

When Bipasha was probed to share any scary experience of her life, she did not reply in the positive. Bips has also finished shooting for “Raaz” sequel. She narrates an incident where she was sitting on a chair which had wheels, and Vikram Bhatt was narrating the script to her, when she was so engrossed that as she moved back, she fell off with the chair.

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