Aamir KhanNew Delhi: Doctors union Indian Medical Association has accused Bollywood’s Mr.Perfect Aamir Khan of defaming the medical profession through his popular TV show Satyamev Jayate and demanded unconditional apology failing which they threatened him with legal action. However Aamir refused to tender apology saying he is ready to face action. Interacting with media he said “I am very comfortable if they (IMA) plan to take legal action if they feel that I have done something wrong. Of course, the courts are available for them. My answer is no, I will not be apologizing”. The actor denied IMA’s charge of defaming and insulting the medical profession.

He says “I deny that I have done that. I have the highest respect and regard for the medical profession,”In an episode, aired on May 27, the 47-year-old actor highlighted the malpractices in the medical profession. The very next moment IMA demanded apology with its secretary general Dr.DR.Raj saying “AAamir Khan should apologise for having defamed and given one side of the story on medical profession. If he does not we are contemplating to take legal action against him for defaming and demoralising the medical profession in his TV show”.

Aamir, who has been focusing on social evils through the show, said his show is not against doctors or the medical profession. “If the medical profession has been insulted and defamed by anybody, it is probably by those who are indulging in unethical practises,” AAamir said.

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