Rozlyn KhanMumbai: Rozlyn Khan became the flavour of this season, after posting her topless pictures online and a video on self-examination of breast cancer. This act of Rozlyn is compared with the hottie Poonam Pandey. But when Ms Khan was asked whether this was done for publicity, she denied saying it was done to aware all women, since one of her female friends was a patient of breast cancer. Rozlyn was deeply saddened when she came to know that her friend was not being helped by her husband and family emotionally as well as financially after she was diagonised with cancer.

Though, her friend somehow managed to arrange the money for treatment and now she is fit, but the disease has left a scar on her mind forever. Rozlyn mentioned she shot it topless since if she was wearing a saree nobody would be viewing it, and to spread awareness it is extemely essential for people to watch it.

Rozlyn suggests that the treatment of breast cancer should be made free in India. The four minute long video has been shot aesthetically says she. Rozlyn has also said that the video was shot in Hindi, and soon another video will be shot in English so that all over world people can be made aware. Rozlyn is a model, and she will be seen in a hindi film named “Dhama Choukdi” soon.

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