Mumbai: Finally its Bollywood calling for our strip queen Poonam Pandey. After a lot of bikini acts and bold statements, the girl has managed to get an offer from a production house to have a film based on her life. Poonam’s business strategist has told us that the film is the boldest film B-Town has ever produced till date. And the first look of the movie will be out by May.

The head of the marketing department of the house, Mr Aditya Bhatia have confirmed the news saying that Poonam was the first choice for the film since she has the potential to be a successful actress they believe. Official announcement will be out by the end of this month only. But when Aditya was asked whether the film is based on Poonam’s life, he said she is an open book, and all know about her life well, thus in the film she will be portrayed in a different light.

Recently Poona’s strip act stunned the city of Joy, Kolkata. But Poonam clearly states that baring one’s clothes is an art which not all can perform. She adds, till date audience have only seen a bit of her, but in the film her real talent can be seen. She is a bold female, and thus if she is a part of the film, bold scenes are the obvious outcome.

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