Meenakshi ThapaNew Delhi: Nepali actress, Meenakshi Thapa, who dreamt of making it big in the film industry, unfortunately met death at the age of 26. She was staying in Dehradun and worked as a dance teacher. She did some minor roles in films like “404” and “Saher”. Though Thapa had a diploma in aviation, she was always interested in dancing. She settled in Mumbai to pursue her dreams of becoming a heroine. And her fate was ironic enough, when she befriended two persons, on the sets of Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Heroine”, Amit and Priti, who killed her after kidnapping her to Gorakhpur in March.

Amit, a married man with two kids from Allahabad, met Priti, and they fell in love so much so that they wanted to get married. But since Amit did not earn much, Priti’s family refused. Soon after the couple fled to Mumbai. There they met Thapa, who claimed to hail from a rich family, and acting was her hobby only. So they kidnapped Thapa, to demand 15 lacs of rupees from Thapa’s family.

But the victim’s mother could only arrange 60,000. This enraged the couple, after they got to know, Thapa was not actually a rich girl. And they murdered the budding actress.

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