Shahrukh Khan with familyHyderabad: Ram Gopal Verma is one man who can never stray away too far from controversies. Indeed, in the recent one which has cropped up, he himself, seems to have jumped in and got entangled.

Apparently RGV has gone ahead and taken a public jab at the King Khan, SRK on a micro-blogging site Twitter. This occurred without any instigation on the part of Shah Rukh. SRK, it seems, had tweeted the other day about his 2 lovely children and how much he missed them. He had also added a line about them having tiny hands but big hearts. That SRK loves his children and is a very devoted father is a known fact in the media circles.

It was this harmless statement by SRK that led to RGV retorting back and sparking off a controversy. RGV apparently tweeted back saying that if all children were so sweet and lovely, then it was surprising that majority of them turned out to be bast***s in later life.

As is evident, this entire episode of RGV taking a dig at SRK was utterly uncalled for. Is it a case of an idle mind being the devil’s workshop, one wonders.

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