Priyanka ChopraMumbai: Alleged to be having an intense affair with the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra is being dragged to the clouds of rumours. Though she has maintained a dignified silence over the matter, her friends and associates have taken a step to defend the ex miss India. It was noticed by close colleagues that the fan of SRK’s since she was nine is now scared to even take his name. They believe that a very powerful clan of star-wives if acting behind these anti-Priyanka stories.

Also they quoted that the actress had done nothing wrong and if those women were so insecure about the relationships with their husband, they should solve their family matters inside the family and not impose the matter publicly on another person. First her father’s illness and now these accusations, altogether have now taken a toll on the actress.

Priyanka has confided to her close associates that the situation she’s in might be a function of the way the male-dominated industry operates. But she’s quite confident that she won’t let the baseless allegations affect her work. She believes that the only way to strike back is not through words but by doing her work more finely and professionally.

Priyanka has decided to completely involve herself in her present project, an upcoming music album and neglect any such rumours attempting to discredit her professional career.

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