NanaMumbai: In this fickle world of Bollywood where relationships being made and broken recklessly is the order of the day, the friendship and camaraderie shared between director Priyadarshan and actor Nana Patekar comes as a pleasant surprise.

The super-talented actor Nana is currently working for Priyadarshan’s under- production film ‘Malamaal Weekly 2’ which is a sequel to the earlier ‘Malamaal Weekly’ (2006).Recently during one of the long shooting schedules, Priyadarshan took ill and had to be confined to the bed. The climate at Wai (the location of the shoot) probably did not suit him. The cast and crew were naturally worried and fussed over him. However what was really heartening to see was Nana going all out of his way to nurse Priyadarshan back to good health. He even took the trouble of going all the way to Sangli just to procure some medicines for Priyadarshan which were not available locally in the small village of Wai.

With the crew’s efforts and under Nana’s care, Priyadarshan got rid of his illness pretty soon and was his old genial self once more much to the happiness of all concerned. Way to go Nana!

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