Kareena Kapoor makeupMumbai: Kareena Kapoor is busy shooting for her next film ‘Heroine’ and she was surprised when the director told her to shoot with her real life makeup artists. According to the production unit of Madhur Bhandarkar’s‘Heroine’, Kareena is not the first actor in Madhur’s account who’s been told to do so. Madhur is known for his real life characters and he loves to have real people from the real life. This is the reason why Kareena was told by him to have her real life makeup artist on the set.

A few other actors are known to let their close associates and staff make an appearance in the film or/and the shoot. Rani let her spotboy shoot for a part in her upcoming ‘Aiyya’ as she considers him lucky for her career. He had also made an appearance in ‘No one killed Jessica’ on Rani’s request. Apart from the actress, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan are also known to have their staff and associates appear for short moments in their movies.

Although, Bebo claims not to be superstitious as other actors and actresses, she is more than happy that she’s going to be shooting for the film with her real makeup artists on the set.

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