Gulshan DevaiahBangalore: Anurag Kashyap’s ‘That Girl in Yellow Boots’ had given him the limelight to be considered as an actor for negative roles. Gulshan Devaiah, the Bangalore boy is in news again for his upcoming movie in which he would be playing a similar role.

Paoli DamThe film is already struggling to find its acceptability in Indian theatres as being tagged as an erotic thriller containing scenes not suitable for Indian television as depicted in the official trailer of the film. The film is facing troubles from the censor board over the explicit and socially unaccepted dialogues mouthed by actress Paoli Dam.

However, the emerging actor made it very clear that he has no regrets being a part of the movie. He commented that he wanted to push his boundaries in his acting sphere and things would have been totally reverse if he’d been given this chance a couple of years ago.

He accepted the fact that the film has many frontal nude scenes of his co-actor Paoli, physical contact and steaming bedroom scenes that are grabbing a lot of eyeballs. He defended that he is not a part of a porn movie by saying that there always is more to a film than its profanity and sexual contents.


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Gulshan Devaiah enjoyed steaming bedroom scenes with Paoli Dam, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings Advertisement