Aamir Khan MovieNew Delhi: After a string of hits delivered back to back, Vidya Balan is riding high on the wave of success. The recently won national award for her performance in ‘The Dirty Picture’ has only been the icing on the cake.

No wonder then that she has been getting rave reviews everywhere and film makers, fans, critics, actors all seem to be queuing up to get in her midst.

The latest in line to have joined the bandwagon is actor Aamir Khan who has expressed a desire of working with the enigmatic Vidya Balan.

When quizzed regarding Vidya being referred to as a ‘female Aamir Khan’ in a section of the media recently, Aamir says that Vidya should be called by her name only. Any other name will take away from her credit.

He even went on to praise her for her performance in recent films and said that he would be quite interested to share screen space with her if any opportunity happens to come by.

Wow, Vidya, what with Mr. Perfectionist himself all agog singing praises of you, you sure have one more reason to smile widely.

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