Udita GoswamiNew Delhi: Udita Goswami who recently returned to the silver screen with ‘Diary of a Butterfly’ says that she did not actively stay out of the news for so long. She says that she was not on some long break but was busy with writing her own film script which she plans to co-direct and even act in.

Udita who made the audiences sit back and gulp with her role in her debut movie ‘Paap’, later moved to be typecast in thriller or suspense movies like ‘Aksar’, ‘Aggar’, ‘Zeher’, ‘Chase’ etc. This is not what she set out to become, she never wanted to act in multi-starrers, she says. She has had enough of doing films with 4 worthwhile scenes and 1 song. She would like to be the queen in her film, it should revolve around her, she emphasizes.

Is this why she is all ready to don the director’s hat and co-direct a film written by herself in which she will also play the lead?

Along with her own film, she has other big dreams for the future; she wants to open schools in small cities all over the country some day. And as for the rumours doing the rounds that she’s shifting base to the U.S., she states firmly that she will never leave India. She is here to stay. Go girl!

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