Shekar Suman with wife AlkaMumbai: After more than a decade, 15 years to be precise, Shekhar Suman, is coming back to the small screen with his once-highly popular show ‘Movers and Shakers’

‘Movers and Shakers’ will bring back with it the ‘satire’ genre of comedy which Shekhar is quite good at. Comedy can be meaning-less with no specific aim but satire will make you stop in your tracks and think; it is not aimless, Shekhar says thoughtfully.

Well, he knows best, he had wowed the audiences with this show way back in 1997, his favourite targets being politicians.

He too has tried his hand at politics but things didn’t work out well and he claims to have washed his hands off politics forever.

He speaks candidly of the Indian politician mentality of lacking a sense of humour. Persons guilty of wrong doing can’t laugh at themselves because jabs at their expense make them uncomfortable, he says.

One is free to take digs at Shekhar, he quips, he will just laugh. He wont sulk, he adds with a smile. By taking light hearted digs at politicians or other wrong doers in general, he hopes to help in bringing about a change in society.

Well, good luck to you Shekhar! We hope you’ll be able to recreate the old magic once more!

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