Heroine MovieMumbai: As per the report of the Mumbai mirror a Topsy-turfy came into the fate of the movie starring Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. It was reported that the writer Niranjan Iyengar’s laptop got stolen from his car which contained the script. The car was parked at Karan Johar’s office.

The writer told on tabloid that the laptop of him that got stolen had all the dialogues for the movie ‘Heroine’. He also added that he has lodged a First Investigation Report (FIR) at the Khar Police station. But he also thinks that the chance of getting back his laptop is next to zero.

Iyengar reported to tabloid that he has to rewrite a part of the script as he has already sent a mail to Madhur which contained the part of the script. As per him the part of the script that he already mailed to Madhur is safe. But he has to rewrite the rest of the dialogues at the set of the movie as he has no backup there for him. Director Madhur Bhandarkar told that he is very thankful to Iyengar and has allowed to write the script on the set of the movie.

Earlier there was a great trouble for Mafhur as Aishwarya stepped out of the movie due to her pregnancy. Then Kareena came for the rescue of the movie. But it is ironical that Kareena has been the first choice of the movie.

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