Agent VinodNew Delhi: Saif AliKhan, son of the 9th Nawab of Pataudi, may have all the trappings of a big star, managing to get immediate bail after midnight brawls in restaurants, but when it comes to Production Design, his newest passion, he is far from them.

Indeed, Saif himself has reportedly claimed that actors are a selfish lot. Producers on the other hand are less selfish. Having recently produced the much-awaited Hindi action spy film ‘Agent Vinod’ which releases later this month on the 23rd of March, he talks from experience.

He fantasizes about casting new young actors in his movies in the future and talks of how glad and fatherly he would feel to see them grow bigger and do well.

The decision to take to production was not the lure of big money. Saif is a dreamer and has ambitious plans for his movies. It is for the execution of these plans that he stepped into the Producer’s shoes.

Being a Producer has not been an easy task, what with having to handle the difficult temperaments and moods of both the actors and director but he has managed to essay the role to satisfaction.

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