Rajshree OjhaMumbai: When Rajshree Ojha took up her story of ‘Aisha’ and placed it before Anil Kapoor, little did she know what she was signing up for, she claims.

The director of ‘Aisha’, Ojha has gone on record to say that the final product of the movie as seen onscreen was not her baby, her conceptualization at all. She has reportedly said that her hands were clipped by Anil Kapoor who wanted to boost his daughter Sonam Kapoor’s emerging career and that she was not given entire freedom to direct the movie the way she wanted it to be. The final editing all rested with Anil Kapoor.

‘Aisha’ was supposed to be a multi- layered, multi- dimensional character akin to Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’, as Ojha had envisioned. Where the layers went, she asks in disbelief. This is not my film, she reiterates.

This harrowing experience seems to have taught her a lesson or two. This time around ,she has come back with a new film ‘Chaurahen’. She is happy and satisfied with this film and says that she was very clear from the start that there would not be any compromise whatsoever. There might have been less funds but she had full control over the reins of this film.

Well, Rajshree, here’s wishing you all the best for ‘your’ film!

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