AkkiPunjab: Is it mere coincidence that all the films of Akshay Kumar which were filmed in Punjab went on to become hits? Akshay too seems to have realized this as industry insiders say that he is always very keen to shoot in Punjab.

In fact recently, while deciding locations for his upcoming film ‘Special Chabbis’, Akshay chose Delhi and Punjab. Akshay is close to Delhi as it was where he lived in the early days when he was struggling to make it big in Bollywood. Punjab on the other hand, is special too and also lucky considering the number of hits he had delivered when his films were shot there; ‘Singh is King’, ‘Namaste London’, to name a few.

Akki it seems cannot have enough of Punjab, his next film ‘Khiladi 786-made in Punjab’ will also be shot largely in the Punjab state. Not to mention Akshay’s film ‘Joker’, also shot in Punjab, which will release in a few months in mid 2012.

Well we only hope that there won’t be a Punjab-overdose in Akshay’s films. And may the Punjab luck continue to shine strong on him; after all we only want the best for Akshay!

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