Natalia KaurBrazil: As per a reliable source it is confirmed that a Brazilian model is casted for an item number in the movie of Ram Gopal Verma. The model has replaced Madhu Shalini. According to the source due to the change of the name of the Brazilian actress to Nathalia Kaur, Ramu got very impressed. He offered her the item song and also offered her the role of the lead actress in his next film.

The actual name of the Brazilian model is Nathalia Pinheiro. This Brazilian actress has replaced the favorite heroine’s position of Ram Gopal Verma, Madhu Shalini.

It was Sanjay Dutt due to whose proposal Nathalia was selected for the item department in the Ram Gopal Verma’s movie. Previously Ramu was not happy with this decision as it replaced his favorite model Madhu Shalini. It is on air that the model was able to keep up to the expectation of Ram Gopal Verma.

As per the report given to the Mirror magazine Ramu told that the model has also sang a song for the movie. He added that the model is extremely talented. Natalia was born in Rio de Janeiro. She is an experienced opera singer.

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