Mia UyedaBrazil: What comes to mind when just a few days before a film’s release, there are reports of romantic link-ups between the stars or cat-fights on the sets or even videos getting leaked onto the World Wide Web? Yes, what comes to mind is that all this is being done in an effort to garner hype and attract publicity for the film.

The latest case in point is Mia Uyeda’s intimate video in the upcoming ‘Blood Money’ going viral on the net. Mia is a Canadian model turned actress who plays a negative character in the film, which is scheduled for release on 30th of March, later this month.

Both she and the production house have claimed ignorance regarding how the video got leaked in the first place. In fact Mia came to know of it only through her father who works in Canada. He watched the video online and immediately called Mia to tell her about it.

Mia says that her father and her family are OK with the leaked intimate video. Seeing her in the video has not upset them she says. As long as she is comfortable doing the scenes, they are happy with her, she adds.

Well, that’s one broad-minded, supportive family you’ve got, Mia!

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