Irrfan KhanNew Delhi: Irrfan Khan, the ‘character’ actor, who has won critical acclaim for films like ‘Maqbool’ and the recently released ‘Pan Singh Tomar’ (where he plays the lead role) claims that he doesn’t desire fame per se.

He says that running after fame just for the sake of being popular or known among the people is akin to a disease. He compares it as being similar to living in a cage. And yet Irrfan Khan always wanted to be a star; to inspire others, to be followed, to entertain and to share stories.

It is all about the acknowledgment and connection with the people for him, he is not crazy about the fame. He does not want people breaking glasses or windows for him even though he admits that it feels good to know that he is quite popular.

On having won the Padma Shri award for his work, he feels overwhelmed and honored that his work in the industry has been acknowledged and appreciated after so many years. He wants to do more than just be a recognizable face, he wants to share, make a difference through his films, he says.

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