Govinda with familyMumbai: Govinda, actor turned politician turned actor, maybe a superstar but he certainly has no airs. He is a simple man, very humble and charming as is evident with his talks.

His very first film in the industry, ‘Ilzaam’, was a super hit and he became a star overnight, inundated with plenty film offers. But he says, he had no time to enjoy his stardom as he was busy providing for his family. Nearly 120 films later, Govinda has reached his 25th year in Bollywood and it is a proud moment for him.

The blessings of his parents are what have kept him going, he says. He gives them full credit for what he is today. He says that he was especially close to his mother and it was a very difficult time for him coming out of the grief when she died.

His mother never wanted him to become an actor, he reminisces fondly. He says that his mom was afraid that if he entered the film industry, he would start drinking and smoking. She even made him promise not to smoke or drink at home. Govinda kept up his promise to his mom at home but outside, he smoked, drank, ate non-vegetarian dishes, and did everything that he wasn’t allowed to, on the sly.

The journey from being a commoner to a star has not been easy but looking back, he feels happy and satisfied and would not have had it another way!

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