BipsMumbai: R. Madhavan, the lead actor of the recently released ‘Jodi Breakers’ where he was cast opposite the sizzling Bipasha Basu, claims that for him, a kissing scene is quite a technical thing, no emotions attached. He compares it to be as technical as jumping off from the twentieth-storey of a high-rise building.

Kissing on-screen is just a part of the characters he essays in the films, incorporated to perhaps provide an emotional connect, he says. He goes on to add that his screen kisses, whether with Bipasha or any other actress, were never meant to titillate but were just tagged along as a part of the narrative.

Though the 44 year old actor enjoys commercial cinema, he wants to now break away from the mould and do challenging, new, extraordinary movies and projects, expanding his horizons.

After a hectic year with 2 back-to-back releases namely the Hindi movie ‘Tanu wed Manu’ with Kangana Ranaut and the Tamil movie ‘Manmadhan Ambu’ with Kamal Hasan, Madhavan has finally found some time to take a break from his acting which was long overdue. A trip to Australia for knee surgery is also on the cards.

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