AsinCochin: Bollywood actress Asin has started her career in the bollywood film industry against the Khan’s company. Most of her films are featuring the top Khan’s of the bollywood. The actress was born in Cochin. She is basically a Malayalam speaking simple girl. She has done many films in the regional languages before coming into the bollywood industry.

The actress got exposure from ‘Narendara Makan’. After getting into the bollywood industry she has lots of hits over the years. She has been promoting few of the brands also. She is a very busy actress of the recent times.

It is on the reports that this bollywood actress had gone to Panchgani for doing the paragliding. When she got some leisure time in between her busy schedule, she had decided that she will explore the adventurous sides of her and went off to Panchgani for the paragliding purpose. The actress was reportedly shooting at that place for her upcoming movie named ‘Bol Bachchan’ directed by Rohit Shetty.

Asin has been a fan of the adventurous sports for a long period of time. When that actress got the news of the paragliding opportunities present in Panchgani she instantly went for it. As per the report the actress had also hired cycle and went on exploring the city.

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